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    Raspberry Pi
    Small but smart
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Blocks - powerful tools

Web applications

Access to information from anywhere and from any device - priceless. For this web platforms were created. Try blocks.


Locating equipment and people? Navigation through space? Access control? With the Internet of Things is simple. Start with beacons.

Software on demand

You do not know where to start? Start here and with us. Together we go through requirements to the finished system. Be a part of it.

Dedicated systems

With blocks we can implement domain specific systems. No matter what your industry is. Using this tools we can build a best fitted application

Built-in features

Learn more about this feature packed platform


Design your own workflows

Dashboards / Reporting

Have one's finger on the pulse

Messages / Tasks

Require, inquire, monitor

Messages Inbox

Be informed

Calendar / Planner

Be on schedule

Full-text Search

One word is enough to find

Print Templates

Prepare printouts just once


Pin the docs or pictures to items


Be safe

And much more!

We can make much more together...

Internet of Things

What can we do with devices...

Raspberry Pi

Why Raspberry Pi?

Because charity is important. And because with Raspbain on board we can deliver almost every IOT solution you want.

Raspberry Pi device

Credit card-sizeed single-board computer

Raspberry Pi 3 has on board Wifi 802.11n and Bluetooth, 1 GB of RAM and 1.2 GHz 64-bit quad-core processor. Low power consumption makes this solution environmentally friendly.

Beacons are part of the Internet of Things

They are like markers that allow a to navigate or search the place. With built-in sensors allows to monitor the environment in which they operate. Beacons measure the temperature and humidity, also have motion sensors. And of course they can communicate with other devices, such as the Raspberry Pi.


Blocks powered applications

Planning and ordering

Plan orders for the entire organization...


... and watch the warehouse is being filled in

Stock management

To never run out of stock

Assets management

Manage efficiently with these tools

Inventory tracking

Now you can find everything

Auto ID features

Barcodes, qr codes, RFID tags and more...

Statistics and reporting

Stay updated with our charts and reports


Distribute your items efficiently

Machine park and tool management

Order, purchase, maintenance, depreciation ... Manage it all

Marking and tracking assets

Good to know where your valuable tools are

Breakdown and damage handling

Avoid downtime with the failure prediction module

Issue and return to store

Register all issues and receptions

Access control

Unauthorized access protection with groups, users and privileges

Asset lifecycle

Technical review terms, stauses, depreciation and more

Warranty and reparation handling

Warranty terms, reparation history

Manufacturers and service providers

Manage manufacturers and service providers

Documents input

Manage documents entered manually

File upload / download

Store files in the repository with upload/download possibility


Convert papers to digital content


All changes are saved as versions and can be managed

Access control

Unauthorized access protection with groups, users and privileges

Document processing

Redirect the documents to the appropriate recipients in the organization

Indexing / searching

Full-text searching on data and metadata

Document metadata / categorization

Organize your documents in categories and describe with metadata

Open source

Open source means open mind

Blocks platform

Platform for creating workflow based systems like DMS, CMS or CRM. It use Grails as web framework, Bootstrap as UI, Activiti as process engine. It's available on sourceforge.net

Beacon RSSI resolver

Java library to simplify RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) and distance calculations for BLE beacons. Originally design to use with Raspberry Pi but can be used on every java enabled device. Includes Kalman filter implementation and Raspberry Pi embedded antenna constants.

Flowable Grails 3 plugin

Grails 3 Flowable plugin allows grails application to embed great Java process engine. Flowable is fork of Activiti but more BPM centric. Some details can be found on organization site: www.flowable.org.

Versioned files Grails 3 plugin

The Grails 3 Versioned Files plugin adds support to attach files to domain models. It was intially inspired by great attachmentable plugin which at the time was limited to grails 2. Main difference is with this plugin you can attach files and manage their versions.


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